The Disciples Of Spess

Failing to meet expectations since 1982 but still trying.

We are The Disciples Of Spess we made this:

Geographical Origin

We formed in the sleepy North Wales market town of Mold.

Musical Influences

We like good music but we don't like bad music.

What's This?

It's a website, remember them? They were all the rage before Facebook.

Why Bother?

We enjoy making stuff that sounds nice.

Spess at work
It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words, so moving pictures must be very difficult understand. Nevertheless, there is an expectation that those involved in the perfoming arts might wish to showcase their talents via the medium of video. Here are some sub-standard video recordings of Spess performing live and two rather better videos produced by the excellent artist Chris Evitts that happen to feature Spess songs as their soundtrack. Please enjoy responsibly.

Gigs as and when
It is not entirely unheard of for Spess to perform at music venues, private parties and public houses. As and when such events are imminent we will make them known in this space and via other channels.
Leave us a message
You can find us literally anywhere, just push a button and we’re there